Ok so DH is getting  deployed. right now he's doing what they are calling a pre-mobilization. Alot of the guys in DH's unit haven't used any of the equipment since boot camp, so they are spending 59 days working on them, and then the go to their mob station in Wisconsin. spend 3 weeks and then head overseas. So while Dh is at his pre-mob he gets 2 4-day passes. I kinda wish he didn't have them. I know how that might sound, but it how i feel. with these passes it like he gets to come only for him to leave again. I have to say good bye again and again. I just want to get this deployment over with. and it feels like it's gonna take forever before it's over. plus while on one of his passes we have to spend that entire weekend moving into our new place. plus my son will be starting preschool. there's too many things changing so fast, i don't know how the hell i'm keeping up with it all.

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