This is so strange that ,this is today's journal. I had/ have a best friend from when I was 14 to 19. We did everything together. We were closer than sisters. Well I meet my husband,( I didn't know it at the time) she got jealous, we had a fight, and didn't really talk for almost 18 years. I would always hear about her from time to time. People would always ask me"What ever happened to..." Finished school, got married,had 4 children, moved to a different neighborhood. She ,got married twice and divorced twice, no kids, stayed in the same place we grew up. We "found" each other again, about a month ago, and it's like time stood still.Does she know me best? I don't know, but she knows me in ways that my husband, children or even friends I have had for years, will never know and I could never explain. I really believe people are in your life for a reason and each and everyone good or bad, has a purpose.  I'm so glad she's back!:)

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Aug. 22, 2008 at 2:49 PM

that's great that u found each other again.

I had a similair thing happen to me about a yr ago- i was best friends with her from when i was 18-23.  we had a stupid fight (she was jealous that I started hanging out with my now husband), then she moved to California for college-last yr she called me & told me she moved back to long island,she's married & has 2 lil girls, and we have been close since last yr.  We had sooo many good tmemories when we were younger, and now we're making NEW memories with our families together!

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Sep. 29, 2008 at 9:09 AM

That is bizarre.  I'm glad you two have found each other again.  There's something about childhood friends. Hard to explain but I do know what you are talking about.   I have a friend who I lost touch with after freshman year in hs.  My Mom runs into her Mom at church every once in awhile so I get mini updates on her.  I heard she just had her 6th baby.  I'm so happy for her because I always wanted a big family!     I need to look her up,,, not that she'd have time to chat,, with 6 kids and all. LOL

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