It's been three years ago today that Tom died.  How do I explain who Tom was?  Tom was a friend, a fellow student, the life of the party.  Tom was crass, judgemental, and oftentimes downright mean.  I loved him anyway.  Tom was my roommates ex-boyfriend, my ex-boyfriend's best friend, and the boy I had a giant secret crush on.  When I wasn't feuding with him, I was fantasizing about us ending up together.


How did it happen?  Why is he gone?  I still ask myself these questions every day.  I try to forget.  I try to move on.  But the truth that I hide from everyone is that every time my phone rings, I hope that it is Tom.  Every happy moment in my life, I wish that he was here.  I measure my years in August 23rd-August 23rd instead of January-January.


I miss you, sweet friend.  I love you.  I have always loved you.

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Apr. 7, 2009 at 11:04 AM

Sorry of your loss. That's actually my mom's b-day.

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