Growing up my Mom made me and my three sisters all take piano lessons.  I started in the second grade, and while there were days I hating practicing and hating going to my lessons, she was doing me a huge favor.  We were all very involved in sports as well, which of course was a lot more fun to a kid growing up!  Mom would always tell us, "When you get to be 90, you'll still be able to sit down and play the piano, but you won't be able to dribble a basketball up and down the court!"  We all went on to not only be terrific pianists, but also church organists and members of the concert band (I played the flute and can also play a little oboe and trumpet).  Even though I'm only 33 now, I have to admit I sit down at my piano (one of my most prized possessions) a lot more often than I shoot hoops!  Thanks, Mom!

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