Although I've been a cafemom member for over a year now, everything feels lol!  So - little history - I had the screen name CurvesMayBeIcy, got rid of that profile because of issues with my husband's ex-wife.  Now that there is no reason to worry about any future issues, I wanted the screen name back.  However, it says it is in use, even though it is obviously not, so I had to change things up a bit.  Voila!

I'm trying to get "fit", as I am getting on in years, and recently joined a gym.  Surprising even to myself, I have been going every morning (except this morning, thanks to a small "family reunion" that involved good ol' Captain Morgan).  I plan on keeping some sort of "photo journal" of my progress.... not sure if I want to commit myself to every week, every 2, or once a month.  I kinda think once a month. 

It's good to be back!  On the way to the fair!  Everyone have a good holiday weekend!

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