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Author: Jedi Gordy
Posted: August 31st. 2008
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This article is on something most of us dislike: Christianity. But it is more on how modern Paganism is BECOMING much like Fundamentalist Christianity. We claim to be enlightened (which we should be to become the third degree) . We claim to be tolerant. We claim to be righteous and pure. Then tell me this: Why do I hear so many of us slamming the “big three” (Judaism, Christianity, and Islam) and calling those who call us out on our hate-speak “Christians” or other names?

I know many people of the “enlightened” path that know not where their religion was founded (for all religions are made by man, this coming from a Pagan) . Example: many people will fight hard and long to prove that Wicca is THE OLDEST religion when there is not a hint of archeological evidence to show that it was around before the mid twentieth century.

Why do we, the “wise” and “enlightened” ones follow propaganda like sheep? Are we not as bad as those we claim to not be? Or are we worse because we are ignoring the log in our eye to point out a splinter in theirs?

Also, some claim Paganism, Wicca or Witchcraft a harder system to get into. Not true, as some places (not most, but a few) will make any idiot a priest or priestess. I know a few idiot priestesses and priests who shouldn’t have even been given a first-degree initiation. So there we make ourselves look like idiots.

Another issue I have against the way some of us are behaving is that we associate ourselves with those whom should not really be given the power of clergy. By that I mean that they are deceitful, backstabbing, and treat others unkindly. Now many of you will say, “They aren’t true Witches/Wiccans”. In that case, how can Christians behaving badly be true Christians?

The sword cuts both ways. Like the Catholic churches should have done, we should purge ourselves of those who do not behave as we claim we do, and in essence “blackball” them. I am not advocating being unkind, or hurting them, but when you hang with gangsters, you will be considered a gangster.

We claim love, but what love can survive bitterness towards a whole group of people for the actions of a few?

We hate that in other religions, but I see it going on all the time at the Witches’ Voice and other sites, and when we do that we are merely sinking to the level of those who would oppose us. We get hateful towards those who harm the environment, our sacred symbols, and our people, and take on the behavior of wild ravaging beasts instead of educated Homo sapiens. What we need to do is keep informing the public of who we really are, stay informed ourselves, and give love and respect to our adversaries.

Try it! It really confuses them!

For by lowering ourselves to the level of those who wish to obliterate our religion, we merely become their agents and we cease to represent ourselves in an honorable fashion. We prove to the world that they are right… and no one proved it but us.

I watch Paganism, more specifically the Witch and Wiccan religions, and cry. I see us becoming what we hate with Mega-covens, complete with flock fleecing, lies, scandal, deceit, and the aiding in the destruction of an ailing religion (as many have said they cannot wait until Christianity starts to run out of steam) . Instead of helping it up, we will aid in the destruction of afore mentioned religion instead of taking the high road and helping to preserve it.

We will become what we hate (we already have started, but it is not too late to correct these problems) and THAT is what scares me the most. These are not problems to be taken lightly, for, like painful boils, they will grow, and fester, until the entire body of our once gorgeous religion needs to be removed, like infectious gangrene.

We will fade into oblivion for making the mistakes that so many faiths before us have made, by going for blood, by forgetting our core of values, by not treating others well, by feeling we are “superior” and by not “removing the infection” (example: not passing those who are not ready until they truly are ready, and not doing business with those that do not behave according to our values) .

The early Jews, Christians, and Muslims were not corrupted; their corruption came gradually as the saying goes, “Rome did not fall in one night” and so it shall be with us. If we do not fix the flaws as they currently are, they will become so integrated with the religion they will grow and eventually destroy it from the inside out.

Now I realize I have rambled a bit (trying to milk it for the one thousand words) , and I realize I may be called a traitor, a Christian and that I am not a true Pagan for a true Pagan would never criticize one of his own kind. There will be those that point to me as the problem. They will hate me.

They will say those who look for flaws will find them or they will deny the facts of their religion. But just think. Think long and hard about what I have said.

Christianity is falling and it is only its own fault that it is falling. They may blame us, but in the end of the day, they are stewards of their own house. They didn’t clean house when they needed to and now it is getting almost unfit to live in.

We are the new house and it is starting to show flaws (the honeymoon should be over, folks) and we need to fix our own home before we tell our neighbors what to do with theirs.

In fact, we shouldn’t tell them what to do with their own house at all. Or else we might suffer the same fate as they.


***Disclaimer:  I did not write this~ it's an article from witchvox.com.  I really appreciated it's message, however.  I hope it makes you think.  I don't know that I agree with everything that he stated here, but it did (at minimum) make me think.  I will be the first to admit that it's horribly difficult to NOT be angry and/or to be forgiving... but we must try.  It is only to our own detriment if we allow that anger to fester.***

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Sep. 1, 2008 at 1:46 AM

It does make me think as well and it has some excellent points although I as well did not agree with all ,but this is a great thought provoking post.

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Sep. 1, 2008 at 2:03 AM

I think the concerns voiced in this article are just the inherent dangers to organized religion.  I wouldn't say that paganism is the "new house" but I do think that more of the practitioners are willing to shape up or ship out compared to other religions.  These issues are why I have stayed out of all religious/spiritual groups.  I have a nice quiet relationship with just me and the universe/creator right now.

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Sep. 1, 2008 at 8:09 AM

I have been struggling with my anger regarding Christianity for a while now.  I'm not mean or even rude to anyone regarding their spirituality....but I would be lying to say that I don't have angry thoughts about Abrahamic religions in general...Christianity specifically because living in the Bible Belt most of my life and coming from a fundamentalist Southern Baptist family, it is the one that effects my life the most. 

I am trying my best to work through my feelings.  Its a process though, and for me its been a slow process.  I know in my mind that the Christian religion can be a peaceful and wonderful thing for some people....but my feelings haven't caught up with my thought processes yet.  But I am really trying.  So thanks for this article....its reminding me to renew my energy towards working my feelings out.

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Sep. 1, 2008 at 9:50 AM

Nightshade~ I totally understand what you are saying and where you are coming from.  The anger is something that I have to force in to submission on a lot days (some days worse than others).  I KNOW that it's not the people that I should be angry with, but that doesn't stop my emotions from being furious anyways.

I have been told that the 'anger' is only a phase and that it will pass.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed because I really don't like it and I don't condone 'hatred' for/by anyone (including myself)

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