brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!  State Fair last night... was SOOOOOOOO cold!  Omygoodness.  The day started out great, then the next thing you know.... it's raining and maybe MAYBE 40 degrees!!!  We had seen the forecast where it was supposed to rain TODAY (Monday), but NOT Sunday!!!  So for about 2 hours, we worried that we'd spent $30 for 5 wrist bands to ride all the rides for nada... but finally the rain stopped.  We found an overpriced pantsuit for the baby - we had dressed her in a pair of shorts... OUR TOTAL BAD!... and the poor thing was just freezing!  We got her warmed, walked through the barns with all the warm, smelly animals, and by the time we got back around to the rides, it was starting to warm a little.  The sun finally came out just about sundown lol, but we ended up having a blast, anyway.  Which reminds me... I need to put "emergency clothes" in the van for any outing.........

And.. it's still cold today as well.

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