I'm trying to be psitive, but I'm finding it really hard to put on my happy face when so much is going wrong.  To start off with Dh is stuck in a dead end job that only pays $8 dollars an hour.  He's applied to over 50 jobs in the last month but has had no luck finding a better paying job.  He got into some trouble way back before we met and with that on his recorded no one is willing to give him a chance, it sucks.  I'm trying to find a job that way I can make up the income that he is not getting but with having no babysitter for the boys during the day and dh working late most nights it's hard to find a place that will work with my schedule.  I tried to find a reliable stay at home job that I could do from the comfort of my home but alot of these ventures have turned out to be scams or they want to much money, money I don't have.  Well it's come down to going to Neca today to apply for energy assistance so our electric and water doesn't get shut off.  I really hate it, I do!  Our health insurance through the carpenters union got cancelled because dh hasn't been working due to the shortage of work right now.  To keep our health insurance we have to pay $1,655.00 up front by tomorrow.  That's more money we don't have.  We just had to pay rent so all of our money is drained.  My sons birthday is comming up, holloween, thanksgiving, and christmas...dh's job is only a temp.  it was supposed to turn full time but work is slowing down so at the end of the month he'll be out of a job.  We've cut back on everything to try and make this work like basic telephone, no cell phones, basic tv channels using only one car instead of two....It's still not helping.  We still owe rent, gas, electric, water, trash, medical bills that the insurance refused to pay....What to do, what to do?   

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