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For many years I have always made jewelry for my cousins and family members for Christmas. I am now selling to friends and family! It hasn't been a huge success but I wanted to extend the offer to everyone on CafeMom!

We all deserve a little something nice every once in a while for all the work we do! Who seconds that? My jewelry is not expense... I sell everything for $5-$10 (shipping not included)! I also sell on etsy.com but only sell one item at a time.

I do mostly bracelets but I can do necklaces, earings, ankelts, jean charms (which have become really popular for the teens!) bookmarks, magnets, and shoe jewels!

Contact me so I can send pics or send me a picture for your inspiration for me to make you your own peice!


ps. For all the orders I get on CafeMom from now till Christmas, 40% will be donated to the local salvation army for childrens gifts for Christmas!!!

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