It is my favorite time of year!!!  The NFL football season kicks off tonight.  Although I prefer to watch college football (Go Buckeyes, Trojans, and my native Huskers), I am a die-hard Raiderette and have been for over 13 years now.  While attending graduate school in California, I actually lived three exits away from Oakland Coliseum and my boys in Silver and Black. I don't just watch the games and cheer for my teams, I can talk football like few women can.....which catches alot of men off guard.  It's also one just one of the many things my husband loves about me.  We actually hooked up because he is a Michigan fan and the rivalry between our teams fueled things! 

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Sep. 4, 2008 at 6:10 PM

thats funny this is the 2nd journal in about 10 mins that i have seen dad is a die hard fan also...even has the tattoo's lol...

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