Oh my I could tell soooo many great stories about my Meme and PapaJoe.  I loved them so much.  I have a couple of stories.

My PapaJoe took very good care of my Meme.  He waited on her hand and foot and loved doing it.  I remember my Meme getting so annoyed once because Papa goofed up on her coffee.  He took it back and was just laughing, I am not sure but Ithink he did it on purpose. lol  But that same trip I walk in the livingroom and they are holding hands and just a smooching away.  At 15 I was disgusted but thinking back I hope at 70 years old I hope me and my hubby are still holding hands and smooching away.

I remember the day we brought our youngest daughter home from the hospital.  I never expected to find my grandmother at my house.  (Our house is split level so the livingroom is upstairs and Meme didn't get around well by then)  But she was there and waiting to see her namesake.  She was so happy to see she had red hair too, just like her. 

On my wedding day I was at my mom's, I don't know where everyone was but I am sitting in the livingroom chatting with my Meme.  We can hear the icecream man.  She yells getout there and chase him down I am going for the money. lol  I got him to stop and here she comes running down the sidewalk with her purse and we had fudgesicles.


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Sep. 7, 2008 at 10:49 PM It's funny what we remember about our grandparents. Thanks for sharing.

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