Yes,I was sent to my room as a child,And I send my children to their rooms.But,Why I dont know.It seems kind of pointless,With everthing they have in their rooms now days.Video games,Toys,T.V.s,etc.... Why send them to their rooms? I guess with the girls bickering back,and fourth with each other,And the everyday Stresses of life,It just seems normal to say go to your room kids,when their not behaving.I guess the next time I say go to your room girls,I will think twice about that,And sit them down,To find out what the problem is.Because up in their rooms,The problem is still there if you take out all the Toys,Video Games,T.V.s,Etc...I guess,What Im trying to say is,I will take more time for my kids,Instead of sending them to their rooms.

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Sep. 10, 2008 at 4:04 PM

i think you are exactly right. but most of the time my mom used to asks what was the problem then after we explain she would then say :go to your room" (lol)  but i do understand what you are saying it does make sense

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