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Shirley's Chocolate's CafeMom page is designed to showcase custom chocolate molded lollipops that are hand made at home. They are now available to anyone who would like to have them at their next event. Shirley started making chocolate lollipops in her home as a hobby while taking care of her children. She decided one day to give the lollipops out as a gift at a family party and they quickly became a hit. As the demand became grater and orders were rolling in from family and friends. Shirley's mold collection was quickly growing and her chocolate inventory was ready to handle any order. Shirley's dedication to artistic detail on each an every lollipop has truly added to the success of her chocolate lollipop business. Shirley realized that the pops would have not survived on their own and that they needed a way to be showcased at an event. She came up with the Styrofoam  holder. Yes the s in the pictures are made from Styrofoam. They were designed that way so they can be easily pierced by the lollipop handle. Along with decorative pieces to help support your specific themes such as Baby Showers, Christenings, Weddings , Wedding Showers, Birthday Party's, even the all new It's A Boy & It's A Girl Chocolate Cigars For Newborn Baby Arrivals. Shirley has now gained even more support form her husband Keivan who is a partner in a Mobile DJ business called Preferred Djs Inc. and has a large web presence at www.PreferredDjs.com .
This support is needed do to the over whelming response to Shirley's Chocolate's


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Sep. 21, 2008 at 3:59 PM

Shirley did my son's first birthday pops they were Sesame Street, they were awsome and everyone loved them including the adults.  Nice to find you on CafeMom Shirley! 

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Nov. 8, 2008 at 6:36 AM I checked out the site, that is very cool. Where is the store for all your choc. pops?

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Nov. 9, 2008 at 11:05 AM

Wow,you really do a great job! They look absolutely delicious. Hope you have continued success with your growing business.

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