Oh mylanta!  I didn't think I'd be such a nervous wreck! 

First of all, we walked to the YMCA because the car was in the shop (that's a whole 'nother ball of wax).  It was a gorgeous day and the walk was quite relaxing.  :)  Since I'm so big and round I thought it might take a while, so we left 45 minutes early.  Apparently, it only takes 15 minutes to walk there. 

So, we got there half an hour early.  Which, was actually nice because it gave me time to prep Angel.  You know how public swimming pools have you shower before you get in?  Angel was afraid of the shower.  It's really different from ours. 

Our shower has a six foot long hose attached to it so we can hold it in our hand and move it around.  The long hose causes the water pressure in the shower to be really low.  Well, all of the shower heads at the Y were firmly attached to their posts and the water pressure was REALLY strong.  And you can't control the water pressure, without affect the water tempature.  So, if you wanted a warm shower, you had to have high water pressure (and I think that's what freaked her out, how fast the water came out). 

Anyway, when we get to the pool area we all sit down on the bleachers by the pool.  Since this is my first time as a parent taking my child to swim lessons, I'm not sure what to expect.  So I warn Angel ahead of time that the teacher might tell all the parents that we'll have to leave the bleachers and go sit behind the windows that are above the bleachers (it's like a viewing area, you can see the pool, and everything, but you're not in the pool area.)..  She said she's like me to sit on the bleachers if I could.  I told her I would if the teacher said it was okay. 

Well, after all the kids got in the pool the teacher said all the parents have to go sit up in the viewing area behind the windows.  Which, I think freaked me out more than Angel.  I mean, here I am, leaving my six year old daughter, who can't swim, in a pool, with people I just met not five minutes ago.

Angel was the youngest in her class, and she was the most in-expereinced.  This class starts at age six.  But the other six year olds in this class were there for the previos session.  So, they all knew what to do, and I think that kinda intimidated Angel.  Everyone seemed to know what to do except for her. 

The teachers were really nice though.  I never once took my eyes off Angel.  They guided her and taught her what to do.  They were really gentle too. 

So, when it was over I took her back to the scary showers.  She was really cold, her little lips were all blue.  So, she took a nice long hot shower, (I think she just got used to the how powered spray).  While she was getting dressed I asked her if she had fun. 

She said, "It wasn't very fun.  I was mostly shy and a little scared.".  I love the way she words things.  Anyway, she's got classes scheduled every week for he next five weeks, and after that we a new session begins.  One kinda leads into the next.  So, I'm excited for that.  I'm sure her confidence (as well as mine) will grow with every class.  :)

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Sep. 15, 2008 at 1:45 PM

WOW! Great for Angel! I would like to get the boys in classes too. Were they pricey? Or pretty reasonable?

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Sep. 15, 2008 at 8:03 PM

Yay, that's awesome!  I remember loving swim lessons as a kid.  Way to go Angel, keep up the good work!

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Sep. 16, 2008 at 3:26 AM

Congrats on making thru all that!! I would have been so nervous also- on top of having my 2yo with me at it, My 4yo doesnt know how to swim yet:( But he might start next year- he turns 5yo in december.

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