• P R E G N A N C Y / L A B O R / D E L I V E R Y

    (( P R E G N A N C Y ))
  • How did you know you were pregnant?:: home pregnancy test 
  • How old were you?:: 18
  • Was it planned?:: nope
  • What foods did you crave?:: ice cream, fish, sushi
  • Any morning sickness?:: too much!!!! I lived in bed and in the bathroom for 3 weeks straight! No joke!                 
  • What was the worst side effect?: stretch marks, my tummy is hideous now!     
  • Who was your doctor?:: Dr Case                                                          
  • Did you find out the sex?:: of course 
  • Due date:: originally 5/18/08 then it got moved to 5/24/08 and then again and stuck at 6/1/08


  • (( L A B O R ))
  • Were you induced?:: yes, but only to get the process going so I wouldnt be in labor any longer
    Where did you start labor?:: i had kenzie june 2, i was considered in labor on the night of may 30th
  •  How long were you in labor?::3-4 days
  • How long did you push?:: hour and a half
  • Did you have an epidural?:: nope, they didn't have them at the hospital..something that was like **"intrathecial narcatics"** which killed the contraction pains but I felt her coming out
  • Vaginal or C-Section?:: Vaginal
  • Was there complications with the labor and delivery?:: no
  • Did you cry when they were born?:: kinda
  • Who was in the delivery room?:: David (my hubby) and my mom
  • Have an episiotomy?:: i tore 
  • Vacuum or forceps used?:: nope


  • (( B A S i C B i R T H i N F O ))
  • Name:: MacKenzie Grace Ciampoli
  • Boy or Girl:: girl
  • Weight:: 8 pounds 1 oz
  • Length:: 21 1/2 inches                                                
  • Date of birth:: 6/2/08
  • Time of birth:: 11:41 pm
  • Hair color:: dark brown
  • Eye color:: grayish blue
  • Pediatrician:: dunno in the hospital, but it's clardy now...but not for long 

     (( B A B Y N O W i N F O ))

    • How old are they now?:: 3months
    • What kind of diapers?:: luvs
    • What kind of formula?:: Enfamil lipil with iron
    • What theme did you do their nursery in?:: pink and brown, it really doesn't have a theme, but it's SOOOOOOOO adorable.
      Are they a smiler or a cryer?:: both..just depends                                           
    • What makes them fall asleep?:: mommy rocking her to sleep
    • Are they the first?:: Yes

    (( A B O U T M O M M Y ))

    • Name:: Lacy Nicole                                                                                 
    • Age now:: 19
    • Did you ever consider abortion or adoption?:: abortion: NO; adoption: if i couldn't have kids
    • Were you married or dating the father?:: dating at the time we found out we were baking something in the oven, but got married before she was done
    • Are you now?:: married
    • How much weight have you lost?:: all of the prego weight, but that's it.


    • (( A B O U T D A D D Y ))
    • Name:: David Edward                                                                                         
    • How old was he?:: 23
    • How old is he now?::23
    • How did he take the news?:: we were both shocked
    • Was he there when he/she was born?:: of course
    • Did he cut the cord?::yes he did :D                                                             
    • Does he get up with the baby at night?:: at first he did, cus I was so tired still, and weak,..lost a lot of blood, but when I got better and he went back to work he stopped    
    • Will he change a diaper?:: not poopie ones
    • Is he proud of his baby?:: very much so

    • (( F R i E N D S A N D F A M i L Y ))
    • Who is the Godmother?:: haven't asked or thought about
      Who is the Godfather?:: havent asked yet or thought about
    • How did the grandparents take it?:: they were shocked a little mad and upset, but then got happ     
    • Did your friends stick by you?:: absolutely
    • Did anyone throw a baby shower?:: yes
    • Has anyone helped since the birth?:: yes..both of our parents and all the rest of the family.            
    • Are you happy you're a mommy?:: I love it!!

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