I have been training for a marathon for many months now, I feel like I am in awesome shape and was really excited.  Then my husbands promotion ceremony got moved, his CO wants to have him get promoted at his COC, that really is great from my husband, an admiral will promote him, come on how often can you get that, ok maybe often when you are putting on O-6 but still... So That happens to be the weekend of my marathon and at first I was thinking no way, I am running, it is my plan, that is it, then a few more things for his unit switched to that weekend and the entire time my DH said no problem run your race, but when the big dinner event moved (due to a hurricane, come on how much more could happen and change things) he said well, I would really like to have my promotion party at the dinner pre-party and well it is still ok for you to go run.  But here is the thing as soon as I began writing down a post asking some other moms what they would do, I realized it was a silly question,.  He is my DH, he has worked hard for this, and by golly I Iwill be there.  So now I am looking for races to replace the one I had set up and now I think I have a plan in place to not only replace that marathon but set myself up for an ultra marathon, come on, now I will get to go to my husbands thing and I am working towards a life long dream.  I needed a push.  This is going to work and be great.

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Sep. 15, 2008 at 9:35 PM Tara,
It is going to work and you are going to find the perfect marathon where your dh can be there cheering you on!

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