So, Rhanyn goes through these eating spurts....there's weeks where she wants to eat nothing but a few select things, then there's weeks when she will eat...she's just extremely picky about WHAT she'll eat.  Let me re-word that....I don't think the problem is that she's's just that she's kind of "hit and miss" as to what she likes when.  Sometimes she'll like something and eat it several times in a row...other times she'll eat it once or twice then not again for several weeks!

About the only things she will eat without fail are cereal, fruit, corn, pizza and gummy snacks.

She will occasionally eat Chicken Nuggets, and at times she will eat other forms of chicken (VERY picky about it though, she'll eat grilled chicken, but will pick all of the chicken out of a Chicken Pot Pie!).  She occasionally will eat Pasta (whether it's spaghetti, or plain noodles), and she will occasionally eat pork chops.  I think I've been able to get her to eat Taco's twice! 

For vegetables, I can occasionally get her to eat English Peas, VERY occasionally get her to eat Green Beans, and sometimes she'll eat Potatoes.  Thankfully she does LOVE corn.

I've also found out that she is NOT a sandwhich person...she will very rarely eat a Grilled  Cheese Sandwhich.  I've tried Peanut Butter by itself, PB&J, PB and Marshmellow Fluff...she still doesn't eat them!

For a while I felt so bad that she wasn't eating much during meals that I would give her snacks throughout the day (ONLY when she asked me repeatedly letting me know she WAS hungry).  Usually I would give her a Granola Bar or some fruit.  I soon noticed that she started "grazing" throughout the day.  She wanted more small snacks than actual I almost completely cut out the snacks.

She is eating somewhat better at meals now....but I am just SO tired of having to guess what she wants to eat.  I feel bad when I cook something and can't get her to eat a bite!  I do my best to make sure that I don't actually "cater" to her pickyness, BUT I also worry that she isn't getting the well rounded meals that she needs.

UGH, life with a picky or I should say undecisive eater is soooo challenging!

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Sep. 15, 2008 at 9:55 PM

Ok this is just what I do for the boys.  If I know for a fact that I made something I KNOW they like and if they don't want to eat it then they don't eat.  They will not starve themselves.  When they are hungry enough they will eat.  I went through this with Devon.  All of a sudden he didn't like most chicken or fish or whatever.  I just told him that's what was to eat and if he didn't want it he didn't have to eat.  There were a couple of times that he went to bed without eating and let me tell ya the next morning he ate the biggest breakfast!!  Now of course if it's something new or a new recipe then if they don't like it I don't make them eat that.  She probably will grow out of it though!!  Zane likes to graze some days too, but I don't let him every day.

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Sep. 16, 2008 at 12:41 AM

Hania is kind of the same way. For instance there are about 10 foods I know she will eat almost regularly. If I cook something we think she probably won't like then we at least have her try a bite (unless its spicy), oh and its not always easy to get her to try it. About 50% of the time she likes it. If I absolutely know she's not going to like it then I'll give her a choice of two things she can have for dinner, like chicken or Mac N' Cheese (along w/ veggies and fruit). That way she gets to choose what she wants instead of me making something and her not eating it. She's also tried that before and we just tell her that that is what she asked for and its not ok to waste food. We then have her take *blank* # of bites until its either all gone or about half-way gone. She's 2 though so this tactic may not work with Rhanyn. You could try having her help you make her meal as well, maybe she's want to eat it if she made it?

 As for snacks, during the day she has maybe 3-4 small snacks. Usually its fruit or some baby carrots, gold fish, or string cheese. I swear if she could eat fruit all day she would! I wouldn't feel too bad about Rhanyn not eating a ton. As many a pediatrician has said, "They will not starve". I hate puting Hania to bed without something in her stomach, so if she's been extremely picky about dinner, we usually give her a bowl of cereal, drinkable yogurt, or a breakfast bar.

I think that most kids go through this, but eventually they'll grow out of it. If you're really concerned about her nutrient intake you could always have her drink a pediasure (expensive I know) or you could buy carnation instant breakfast, we use that as Chocolate milk for Hania and it has a ton of vitamins and calcium.

Good luck on the fun adventures of being a Mom! Hopefully both of our kids won't grow up to be "discerning eaters" : )

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Sep. 19, 2008 at 8:33 PM

Our currant phase:  Brian eats a pop-tart every morning for breakfast... and sometimes he's still hungry and gets some Gerber Veggie Puff Stars (yum!).  For lunch and dinner he has the same thing, every day, 7 days a week... Chicken Tenders, Veggie Chips, Pretzels, (and either) Freeze Dried Fruit - banana/pineapple OR applesauce.  He rarely snacks - but sometimes has Alphabits 100 Cal packs or a couple of Oreos.  Cupcapes are a special treat.  Other foods he may eat:  I really can't think of any!

Be glad she eats what she does.  Tastes change as they grow (or so I'm told).  And since she likes gummies, there's always the option of gummy vitamins!!

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