1) Where did you meet your other half? we met online then at his house

2) Where did you go on the first date? umm..to his house and we watched Saw 1 and the 40 year old virgin...but technically the ''first'' date we had we went to the movies and watched 1408

3) What was your first impression of your other half? a little wierded out..he messaged me on myspace.....so..............

4) How long before you introduced him to your parents? not too long
5) Did your parents like him right away? yes
6) Did you care wether your parents liked him or not? no
7) How long before he popped the question? umm...3 months

8) How long before you actually married? umm...5 months
9) Is there anything he does that annoys you? yes

10) What is your biggest pet peeve when it comes to your husband? when and where he farts
11) Do you see yourself together in fifty years? of course
12) Does he help with the kids on a dialy basis? he sure does

13) What would you change about him if you could? the way he always analyzes movies...but i can't help but love him!

14) How do you describe your man to the world? umm....loving caring, and the only thing i would wish for
15) If you could marry anyone in the world would it still be your current man? sure would be

Copy and paste this survey fill in your own answers

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