Stephen submitted an appeal.  I'm assuming it's in regards to the sentencing, rather than the conviction.  He would be stupid to appeal the conviction since it means it goes back to trial.  I would love to take this back to trial since that would mean we would most likely get a better conviction.  An appeal in regards to the sentence would take a while regardless, so he's stuck in jail until then... whenever that ends up being.

The funny part about all this is that his attorney has withdrawn from the case.  Maybe he got tired of the BS that was SO obvious.

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Oct. 2, 2008 at 9:23 AM

let him appeal... do you know how good things look for you now!! : ) He's been convicted of abuse to a child, his own attorney has now left him alone and cold in the dark... lol : ) with all of this going on, right now is the time you need to talk to your attorney (or if you dont have one file with an attorney in family law) and try to have his parental right relinquished... granted you wont be able to get child support, but then he wont be able to get the kids at all, even for visitation purposes... and i'm a little bit worried, thinking that when he would get out and seek visitation, he may try to hurt the kids then.... some people have the thought pattern of "if i cant hurt my ex personally, the next best way to hurt them is to hurt the kids" and sadly it is true, if someone were to hurt my little boy, it would just about kill me... girl, i'm so happy you stuck with all of this and had him put away, this truly shows that you are a fantastic mom... if ya need anything let me know... lots of love to you and you little ones

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