John left in september of 07 for additional training in the us army. he had only been home 9 months from Iraq when it was time for him to leave agian. while he was in training we got more dreaded news that he was going to korea for a year in dec.  John came home for 14 days the on dec 9 he left us agian. i had become very self empowered his last deployment. we had 2 sons at the time 3 1/2 and 7 1/2 months and i was also pregnant when he left.  i gave birth to our youngest gabriel while he was in Iraq. i really thought korea would be easier. ha i was wrong.


this time i had a 1 yr 2 and 5  when he left and boy that was exhausting. all three boys running talking fighting. even now looking them they 2,3 and 6. daddy will be home in 2 1/2 months and our yougest knows daddies voice but we will see how he reacts to him in person. i have learnt there is nothing i can do own my own  wether it be putting a book case togather , fixing the computer and all the things i normally have my husband do. i know we will fall back into our routine like before .sorry ladies this probably makes no sense i am just typing as things run throug my head i think the kids are extra  moddy today. well mommy is too.

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