I've been reading an amazing devotional called 'Come Away My Beloved' by Frances J. Roberts.  This blessed me so much that I wanted to share it with you.

Cherish My Words by Frances J. Roberts

"For You will light my lamp; The Lord my God will enlighten my darkness" Psalm 18:28

O My children, obey My words. Do not wander in unbelief and darkness, but let the Spirit shine as a light upon your path. My Word shall be life to you, for My commandments are given for your health and preservation. They will guard you from folly and guide you away from danger.

Hide My commandments in your heart, and make them the law of your life. Cherish My words, and take not lightly the least of them. I have not given them to bind you, but to bring you into the life of greatest joy and truest liberty.

I have asked you to give, in order that I may bless you more. I have challenged you to pray, so that I may respond and help you. I have asked you to rejoice, in order to keep you from being swallowed up by anxieties. I have asked you to be humble, to protect you from the calamities that fall uupon the proud. I have asked you to forgive, in order to make your heart fit to receive My forgiveness. I have asked you not to love the world, for I would have you released from unnecessary entanglements, free to follow Me.

Sanctification is accomplished in no one by accident. Learn My rules, and put them into practice consistently, if you desire to see progress in the growth of your soul. Holiness is not a feeling - it is the end product of obedience. Purity is not a gift - it is the result of repentance and serious pursuit of God!


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