We all know the story of David & Goliath, but when I read it Friday there was something wonderfully new about it. The words seemed to jump out at me. When I finished reading the chapter it hit me...ARE YOU A DAVID?!!!!! 

Let me explain. David was the youngest of his father's sons. He tended to his father's flock. While visiting his brother's, who were soldiers in the war, he heard the cry of his people. They needed someone to stand up to this giant named Goliath. When everyone else was afraid, David stood up and said I will do it! Saul, who was king at the time, looked at David and told him he couldn't do it, that he was just a boy! That's when David had to let Saul know just who he was. Yes David was the youngest, and yes David was a sheepherder, but a punk David wasn't. David had faced lions and bears, alone, to rescue his father's sheep. You see, David's faith wasn't in himself, but in the living God. He knew that God would deliver him when he faced the lions and the bears. He knew that He would do it again when he faced the giant. Ohh, to only be like David!

Saul was so moved that he dressed David in his own armor and gave him his sword for battle. Here stands young David dressed in the king's garments. After taking a few steps, David realized that he couldn't fight walking in someone else's clothes ( another message for another time). He took off the garments, pick up his 5 stones and slingshot, and off he went to face his giant.

When Goliath came out to take a look at his challenger he laughed. If he only knew that this boy would be the one to bring him down. Well we all know how the story goes, David took out his 1 stone and slingshot and laid waste to the giant. One shot was all it took.

So What's My Point you ask????

Are You A David?

Are you willing to stand up and face the giant's in your life? Are you going to defy the Saul's of this world and show them who your faith lies in? You see David knew that it wasn't him that had the power but God. His faith stood firmly in Him! When you have faith you can boldly walk up to your giant and tell "it" to move!! Not by your own might, but because you know that your Father has got your back. One of my favorite catch phrases is "You just don't know who my DADDY is!!!"

So I ask you: Are you a David???


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Sep. 20, 2008 at 6:04 PM

Amen sister!  clapping

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