For some reason my uterus doesn't seem to be growing up toward my ribs.  Makes me think the baby is laying hip to hip instead of the traditional feet down head out position you see on the growth charts.  I have an ultrasound and dr's appt on Thursday.  Maybe I'm jumping the gun - I'm only 23 or 24 weeks.  Maybe it's just annoying me because I still don't really look pregnant - just fatter. 

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Oct. 2, 2008 at 9:54 AM

Your suspisions are right. You just want to look more pregnant. Believe me you will feel himin your ribs when you are 8 to 9months pregnant. By then you will be over it. Right now you want to people to know your pregnant and not question it. Try getting a T-shirt that says" bun  in the oven " or something to that effect:)

number one you are not fat!!! you are pregnant!!! think positive thoughts






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