I have had a really bad last few months, My pastor that i loved left the church that my family called home, we did not have a place to call a home church, My money situation has went from bad to worst, Then i find out that my pastor that has been at a different church is moving out of state needless to say i was crushed and was angry at him and at the way that my life has it seems to just fallen apart, Well I had borrowed a movie from my brother in law several months ago and never found the time to watch it (Facing the Giants). I had a talk with my pastor yesterday and asked his forgiveness for me not having faith that God does things for a reason and that is why they are moving. Tonight i sat down and decided to watch this movie it was the most amazing moviethat I have ever had the pleasure to watch. I have come to realise that Faith and trust is what i  was lacking that God has a reason for everything, we need to praise him in the good times and in the bad , We need to remember that he is with us during the bad and that anything is possible in God. All he ask is our Faith and Love. Such a small request for the awesome gifts that he gives us everyday.

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