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That's right friends!  I was chosen as an Influencer!  Eat your hearts out!!  But I love you anyway which is why I'm posting.  Check out Noodleboro.  You have to.  Go right now.  Are you still sitting there?  Why?  Didn't I tell you to go check out Noodleboro? 

Ok well if you're going to be like that!  I'll just have to tell you all about it!  We got our Noodleboro today and as much as I was praying we would get the Listening game I was delighted just as much when I opened the box to find Sharing.  We've been having a little issue as of late so the timing couldn't have been better!

You know how most games have a roll, move, wait your turn feel?  Yeah not this one!  You get to roll the dice, play one of 4 games (within the game) and then pass it on.  The concept is that when you win the mini games you get a prize.  If you win that game more than once you can give your spare prizes to other players.  Oh, and if you SHARE (gasp!) you get a bonus of a sharing star! 

There isn't a timer so it's up to Mom and Dad (did I just hear Family Time?) to set how long the game is.  There's even a dual board with a setting sun so your children can track when the game is over.  And the other side has sharing stars so you can track the progress of your sharing. 

I only had 2 glitches with the game.  It is definitely a 3 and up game.  You know how sometimes the ages on the box don't match?  Well they nailed it with this one.  Munch was trying to eat the prize tokens (not cool!) and she kept knocking the mini games over.  I know!  It's not really a glitch but when you have 5, 3 1/2 and 17 mo you really try to play stuff that they can either play independently while you take care of odd man out or that they can all play.

The other glitch was the directions.  They weren't terribly clear (but I just gave you a tutorial so you have no excuse!) so I had to read them about 5 times with children in my ear.  Not a good reading environment!  If I had to come up with another issue it would be storing the little prize tokens but we solved that with a zippie sammy bag. 

The concept was great and the kids were having a ball (until Much tried to eat the roller coaster token!).  Now I might have to add the other two games to the Christmas shopping list and the fall birthday lists of friends and the......Playskool, when do I get my stock certificates?

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