I have been with my SO for two and a half years now. The longest we have been apart has been since last December and he is returning this December. He is deployed in Afghanistan. He was able to come home for the birth of our son but only for 2 weeks. I do feel that absence makes the heart grow stronger because he and I are much more closer emotionally than we ever were before. We have worked through the few issues we had since he has been over there and are moving forward with our relationship when he gets home. He now says little sweet things to me that he never did before. Its always the little things that count most and he is really starting to learn and appreciate that. I miss him more every day and my love grows stronger all the time. happy

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Oct. 7, 2008 at 1:39 PM

I could not imanagine being away from my Husband that long..

You are right being away from each other you do get closer.

You baby is adorable and you sound like a strong women.. You habg in there and he will be home soon!!

God Bless,

Donna <><

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