well today has been well just one of those days where you just wanna run and hide and not come out for awhile my parents are driving me crazy i cant stand my baby daddy and is stupid excuses and my child is sick and she doesn't want anyone but me and she wont sleep I don't think I've slept good sense we got back home I just wanna hide and cry all at the same time but I cant I have no one to keep my baby wich i wouldnt push her on anyone like this anyways. I'm just tired of doing it on my own I guess its hard and I think its only going to get better but its seems to be getting worse. well that's it for now.



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Nov. 26, 2008 at 12:32 PM

I pray it gets better for you!! God Bless you & your baby!! I feel like that so much also! I think I need counseling to get some help with my emotions & I can be a better Mom to my kids!

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