My 4 month old has recently started doing TONS of new stuff!!  Its like WHAM!!!  She started to roll a week ago,  is holding herself up on her belly a whole lot more, goes nuts over her play gym, kicks her legs and feet and waves her arms when she sees someone she knows, grins at everyone who smiles at her, and has started babbling ALL the time.... (even in church.. and LOUDLY during prayer), and seems to have a new sound or shriek every day.  She no longer has the pitiful new baby cry, but a full out bellowing scream that would make anyone swear that your beating her to death.  If something strikes her as funny, she has this adorable little giggle shes perfecting.  All of a sudden she seems to have hit a major growth spurt and is outgrowing EVERYTHING!!  Shes firmly out of 0-3 month clothes and is in 3-6 month stuff.  And even some 6-9 and 12 month stuff!!  She was a premie and it took her forever to decide to start gaining weight.  Im just in awe of my little baby.  Shes not so little anymore.  It breaks my heart.  I want her to grow up, of course, but theres a little part of me that wants her to stay a baby forever.  I cried when i couldnt get her into her little overalls that i had gotten from a friend.  They are premie size and she wore them forever.  I seriously considered cutting off a few buttons and snipping here and there so she could wear them anouther day.  I cought myself and thought i had lost my mind.  It is such a blessing to be a mom and yet it is so heart rending at the same time.  Maybe  im just being hormonal, like my dh says.

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Sep. 28, 2008 at 10:25 PM

I know the feeling Camden just turned 4 months today and I just put away all the 0-3 month clothing and he just got the hang of rolling over a couple of days ago. He pulls himself up to sit straight up although he still need some support sitting up. I about cried today too cause we put his swing away cause he doesnt use it anymore. I remember when he was just a couple of days old and he was using it all the time. It makes me sad that our little ones are growing so fast.

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