I called my mother last night to let her know that I was fine and work was going well.  I do this once a week when I'm away from home.  Well, she had the audacity to sound offended that I was going to be working a lot more just to make sure that we had extra money in case we had to pay for my step-daughter's tuition to college.  And I was like, "Mom, she's my daughter!  Why wouldn't I want to help her out."  She then goes on about how my family is barely making ends meet, yada yada yada...which is bull****.  And then she was like, "Well, she wants to go into the Army anyway, so why not let her enlist?"  And I plainly told her that that was not the plan and we did not want the chance of her being sent overseas, which could turn out ugly.

As I'm talking to her, I'm thinking to myself that when I was Michelle's age, my parents didn't want me to join the service at all and nothing was happening at the time.  And yet it's ok for my stepdaughter to go?!  I just don't get my mother.  All she ever does is complain that I'm not home enough for my son,  that I should have never married my husband, and that I should not be involved in my stepdaughters life when it comes to finances.

Does she not get it, does she not understand that I love my husband, I love my stepdaughter, and I love my son.  I do not work so hard or so long or so far away from my family because I don't love them, I do all that because I do love them and I want to make sure my children have everything they need and I'm using the skills that I have learned to the best of my abilities.  What is wrong with that.  No body would have a problem if the roles were reversed in our family: hubby working my job and me taking care of the kids.  Why is it so hard to accept this.  Why is it so hard to accept that I love my stepdaughter enough to consider her my own and want to take care of her as much as I want to take care of my son.

I just don't understand and I'm fed up with it.  That's why after my daughter's graduation and a cruise we are moving.

Needed to vent.

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Sep. 29, 2008 at 10:14 AM

The thing is your mom cares more than you are needing her too. Moms and daughters get into kind of stupid quiffs ...and end up annoying each other over things that really don't matter.  She loves you, she is just pushing her love in the wrong way.  I have learned this lesson with my four adult daughters and at times we still get into stupid arguments that mean nothing.

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