I was going to title this Why do fake bitches lie about being pregnant?  My BIL was seeing someone. This past weekend he could not get ahold of her and did not see her. She claimed to be working and was too busy. Well he then finds out that she has been staying with another guy, Yeah. And now she says she is pregnant and is bitchin at BIL telling hm to step up and be a father and he is going to make her miscarry because of the stress, If he doesn't want to be in the babies life then she will move to California and live with her dad. She is pulling this HUGE guilt trip on him and can't even prove that she is pregnant.

Here are some of her lies. She says she has her tubes clamped. She says she is 10 weeks and the baby weighs 11 grams. Okay I looked it up and at 10 weeks the baby weighs about 4g.. If the baby is 11g. then that would make her 20 weeks and it would NOT be BIL baby. Also she gave the due date May 24, so I did one of those calculate things that tell you when you conceived and all that. Well by her dd that would make her 6 weeks. 

My DH sent her a message last night. He told her that if she is really pregnant then she should be able to prove it. He told her to come to our house and take a pregnancy test. She said she will if HE buys it. He said ok We will buy it just to get the truth. So we will see if she shows up.

A month or so ago before the cheating and fake pregnancy, she was making up shit. Her ex tried to rape her EVERYTIME she walked out the door. BIL never saw the guy. She was leaving BIL'S apt. one day at the same time my DH was going there. She called BIL and said her x was following her. My husband turned around and was hoping to catch this guy and there was no one anywhere near her. My DH was wanting to get a bunch of people to go after this guy and beat the shit out of him for trying to rape her. Now we are seeing that she is a compulsive liar. Everybody is trying to rape her. Her ex's, her co workers and she does NOTHING ABOUT IT. If someone tried to rape me you can bet your ass I would be filing charges. ESPECIALLY if it kept happening. This woman is so full of shit. If she is telling the truth and she is pregnant I highly doubt it is BIL's

Another thing everytime BIL tries to ask her questions about the pregnancy she changes the subject.   She can't even tell him who her doctor is. She sent him some ultrasound pictures online that did not have any info on it. Not her name or anything. He did a search last night and found the same pics on a pregnancy website. When he was talking to her last night online another ex showed up and would not let her talk to BIL anymore.

DH told him he needs to just forget this physco bitch. We will find out today if she is pregnant. If she is then BIL will get a DNA test.

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Oct. 1, 2008 at 10:01 AM

I would talk to a relative of hers. Parents or siblings and see if they can get help for her. She should be commented. Hugs to everyone involved. I don't know why people allow crazies like this to ruin every one's day. Most just shrugged it off and warn everyone to stay away from them.

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Oct. 5, 2008 at 9:19 AM

'Women' dont do this.  'Girls' do.  Very immature girls who are usually starved for attention.

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Oct. 12, 2008 at 3:16 PM

So what happened?  Did she take the test?

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Nov. 3, 2011 at 6:20 PM

I want to comment on this subject because I went through something very similar. My husband is in the Army, He is an Officer. Due to privacy acts I cannot release real names. In November of 2010, He became friends with a women in his building who was higher ranking than him, She was in the reserves as Major. She had come to him for help because her contract was not being extended for another term and she was not getting help from the people in her department for some unknown reason. Her commander was on leave so my husband had to take his place. She told my husband that her sons father had died in Iraq and the people she worked with were jerks. She was very sincere and friendly and seemed like she didn't have many friends. My husband and his 1SG couldn't understand why she was not being extended.My husband said she started coming around alot and seemed like she just needed someone to listen to her. One night she asked my husband to come over to her house because she was upset and didnt know who to turn to. My husband went over there and she hit on him and they ended up sleeping together. My husband has taken full accountability. Since he and I were on the outs because I had post partum depression from a miscarriage, He thought I didnt love him anymore. He claims he didnt see it coming but he was stupid not to stop it. Well as soon as he realized he made a mistake he tried to tell her it was a mistake and she wouldnt leave him alone. She continued to bother him with emails and phone calls. He knew she was leaving in January and tried to keep the peace. She always had an excuse, Her son having troubles, People at work etc. Always a tragedy. From everything I was able to piece together with emails and text messages that back up my husband, She saw that she was not getting the attention and reactions she wanted from him because she told my husband she was pregnant. My husband told me she needed to have an abortion and he would give her money. For a couple of weeks,she would torture him and dangle it in front of him. He gave her 600.00 in cash for a procedure that she claimed she had on December 10, 2010. She said she was doing something against her religion and she was doing it all "for him". I found this all out on December 11, 2010. She claimed to have an abortion and when my husband went that day to do the right thing and check on her, She didnt have any medications or paperwork. When I questioned my husband about her showing him proof, he said she never showed him anything. I grew very suspicious. The next day, the major claimed she was returning to the abortion clinic because of complications. Now during all of this, Her friend"sam" started texting my husband as a go between person to help. The friend was always trying to see if my husband had feelings for her, My husband always told her that he was just a friend.  When my husband went back to check on her for the "complications" Again no paperwork, no medications. She was laying down and acting woozy. No post op, nothing. In the state of texas, you have to have a sonogram before any abortion procedure. The following night I found out. I called her and she wouldnt talk to me. I called a number that was her parents and explained who I was in Tears. The mom was very nice to me considering she was woke up at 4am. The Major changed her number and didnt contact me until the following day. She didnt go to work and went to sick call. My husband told me that she sent someone in the office with a envelope full of the money he gave her. I was so scared that she was still pregnant. She called me that night and was very snotty. You would of thought She was the wife. She stated my husband never wanted more than friendship. I confronted her about the pregnancy and all she said was that she "had been pregnant" but wasnt any longer. I was sure she had been lying. My husband and I went to her home to talk to her, She told me that we could stand outside but not come in because her son was sick because his father died in Iraq. I actually felt bad for both of them. We stayed four minutes because I was repulsed at the sight of her. I gave her my wedding ring and told her she ruined my life. She started to cry but didnt say anything. I walked off. Well it was hell the next three days. I came to find out she was never ever pregnant. So my husband and I decided to work on our marriage. I had to go to the christmas party and act like she wasnt there. I confronted her again at her work and told her without yelling at what a pig she was. I told her they were both dumb to screw around with so much at stake. She just sat there rolling her eyes. I looked at her as if she were filth. Disgusting. Next thing you know my husband is getting F you letters saying she did everything for him and she was going to kill herself. She started emailing our accounts anonymously and making things up. She started having people phone my husband at work and threaten him with getting chaptered out. she lied and said her father was a "general". It had no ending. We knew with their being no baby, we could recover. We had to change our phone numbers and emails. Everything finally came to a huge head at the end of January. She went to my husbands 1SG and claimed that I had vandalyzed her home and wrote "whore" all over the garage and she said it was caught on a neighbors security camera. I never ever did that. She claimed the local police didnt want to make reports and now she lost faith in them. She told my husband that she was Still pregnant, and that when she had the abortion she was pregnant with twins and only one survived. He blew up and told her she was a liar, and to stay away from him and his family. When he checked his email, she had sent him a sonogram that had obviously been doctored,  When she called he again told her she was lying and to go to hell. He said she either produce all original documents or leave him alone. When he failed to talk to her she went to a Sergeant Major in her department and said she started dating my husband and never knew he was married and he left her pregnant and alone. My husband was removed from his job and an official investigation started. It was found that she had in fact made up the pregnancy. She had to sign a document allowing them to look into her medical records. A female LT Colonel stated that the Major edited someone elses picture to make it look like her own. She spelled the Army Hospital wrong. The doctor showed examples of the sonography equipment used and stated that the machine in the sonogram was machinery they dont even use. The Major refused to write an official statement even though she was the person who initiated everyone finding out. She did tell the investigating officer that I had repeatedly harrassed her parents, Not true, Harrassed her brother and sister in law and nieces and nephews. Also Not true, I gave the officers permission to pull all of our cell records as well as house to cross check. I was so angry. First I was falsely accused of vandalyzing her home and then of harrassing to her family. I immedietly sought out two of Texa's finest civil attorneys. I am currently pursuing defamation and slander charges. I will never be sorry for the things I said to her or my husband. They were doing something they shouldnt have done, but I refuse to be blamed for something I haven't done. I had the chaplain begging me to call of my lawsuit against her family because he claims they probably don't even know she was in trouble. My family tells me that if the family is aware,who knows what she told them. I feel like my integrity and good name was compromised due to a sick person who is so selfish and cunning and just plain desperate. I am many things and one of them is accountable. I am adult enough to know defacing property is childish. She is still a mother. She didnt care what all of this did to my daughter but I certainly cared about her's, I never had to harrass her parents because they were so courteous to me when I spoke to them. I that were my mother, she would of killed me. Needless to say, In the end, It was proven that I was innocent of the charges. She couldnt show proof. I was also able to get a statement from her police stating that they were NEVER called to her home. I also let them aware of the situation on post and events. Once the investigations started, I was so surprised at how she went from this confident arrogant boasting creature to this instantly poor ignored fearful woman who was so afraid for her life. We found out through others that her son's father was not killed in combat. How disgusting. What a liar, manipulator. We also found out that my husband was one of a handful of men that were manipulated by her,, She was singing the same tune to them, . One guy wrote she would get so close to him he could feel her breathing. Sounds about right. I have tried to forgive her but I cant. I cannot feel remorse for someone who can make up such awful lies, for what? Monetary gain? love? affection? I can only think that maybe someone hurt her so badly in life where she felt she had to try and destroy families. At least now its documented on paper. Maybe she will think twice on the next couple. She wasnt going to torment me and that drove her nuts I bet. I never had to lay a hand on her. I got her with words that I hope will haunt her forever. It was better for me to sit back and watch her spin out of control and do something stupid. I dont know whatever happened to her but I heard she has a civilian job. I dont care. She means nothing to me. I am not afraid of her in the least bit because she has nothing on me. She had my husband physically once and what is sex without love? I dont hate her as much as I pity her. She is lonely and troubled and I can bet my life she will try this again on some other unsuspecting soul. At the end of the day, I have my health, my dignity and my soul and strength,.. I want to know where her child was when all of this was going on?

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Nov. 3, 2011 at 6:28 PM

Also, Her friend "sam" was actually  made up as well. The major was texting my husband on two phones all along. Sick

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