O-kay this is for everyone who wanted to know the Story of me and Larry( Margo..LOL..you will most likely be the only one who reads this) So here goes, I meet Larry when I was 16, always thought he was cute, but distant( we all know the type). Anyway 3 years later we ended up hanging out with the same people and it really bugged me because I was flirting like crazy with him and he just kind of gave me the cold shoulder. Meanwhile one of his friends was knocking himself out trying to talk to me, I was like what is wrong with this guy?! I'm throwing my self at him and he doesn't seem to care.So i forgot about him and starting dating Mike. Mike I had known since the 3rd grade, and this was our 3rd time dating(Oh did I mention Mike and Larry lived 5 house away from each other?) I mean I knew they knew each other I didn't know they hung out together.So nothing to great between me and Mike, but we were still dating..And then I bumped into Larry and we started talking and he was really sweet, he asked me to hang out with him that night, I said yes, made an excuse to Mike about going to a party with my other friends, and went out with Larry. Needless to say I'm sitting on the hood of Larry's car, with Larry next to me, with his arm around me and who pulls up right next to us? Yep, Mike. I wanted the ground to open up and swallow me! Anyway to make a long story short... Larry got mad, Mike got mad and I got caught in the middle. Broke up with Mike, started dating Larry, and had some not so nice words with Mike.. Fast foward about 6 years Mike is in our wedding party, I am best friends with his wife, and now he is godfather to  2 of our children. Funny how life turns out  You never know....  

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Oct. 4, 2008 at 8:12 PM

yay !!!!!!!!!!! I've been dying to read your story.

Wow - what a trip about Mike and how you all are such good friends now.  I totally felt your pain when you said he pulled up next to you guys and you wished the Earth would just open up and swallow you !  LOL

Isnt it funny how things work out ?

Congrats to you and Larry making it 18 long years.  That is quite an accomplishment!

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Oct. 4, 2008 at 8:21 PM

Question: Is Larry still distant or did he change once you guys got to know each other ?

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Oct. 4, 2008 at 8:25 PM

Oh -- any pics from the early days ?   I am such a pest,, arent I ? LOL


Dont worry -- Tim and I are going to celebrate 12 yrs of marriage 10-19,,,, so I'll do one of these also!  You can bug me about for a day or two, also. LOL

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