Well we have finally reached the final countdown.  I am 31 weeks pregnant now and that leaves 3 weeks or so.  I just can't wait.  Finally the girls are about to arrive and I think we are prepared.  We finally have everything in the house ready and there seems to be nothing left but the girls.  We are getting the cars detailed next week and then we are going to put in the carseats and we will be ready to go.  I almost have the labor bag packed (I just lack the last few essentials).  Pretty much we are just waiting for labor!  Yeah!  I am really starting to get excited.  We are hoping that the girls make their apperance before Halloween.  Just as long as we make it atleast 32 weeks we will be happy.  The doc says everything looks great and we are just waiting for the girls to decide they are ready.  Addison is engaged and the doc can feel her head everytime he checks me so it seems like she is just waiting for Allison to put on a little weight.  It could be any day now!  What a great feeling!!!  I can't wait to be a mommy.  I have been trying to treasure our last few weeks together as a couple before we turn into a real family.  It is such a crazy thought.  The braxton hicks are getting to be a very very normal thing and my breasts seem to be prepared (if you catch my meaning).  YEAH!!!  It sure will be soon and I just really never thought a year ago that I would be seeing this day.  With all the treatments and rounds and rounds of negative results I wasn't sure that I would ever get to feel this way.  I am going to get to have Thanksgiving with my babies!  WOW  And their first Christmas will be this year.  When Thanksgiving is held here at the house I will actually be a mommy.  I won't just be part of the family I will have my own family.  It is SO unreal!!  And then this year Justin is going to get us a real tree and Santa will get to come and fill the stockings and leave presents!  We will wake up Christmas morning early to have Christmas with our own family instead of getting up whenever we feel like it and giving the dogs their presents.  FINALLY!

Sorry just a little emotional and overwhelmed today.  Starting to get so excited!

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Oct. 5, 2008 at 9:34 AM

Very exciting!... Congrats!!!

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