Now that im in school & still not with danny yet. There is this boy in a few of my classes his name is Jamar & we have been talking on the phone since Monday & Yesterday we were about to leave but we had to stop & get our tranpasses & when I got mines & came out the door he picked me up & kissed me. & I kind of liked it cause we both are into each other but yet at the sametime i felt bad cause danny wanted to work things out but everytime he tried something always went wrong & we would end up arguing & saying alot of things to each other & not talking for days. so i dont know if i should fall for the boy in my school or try to make things work with danny, i dont want to make things work with him b/c he had always made it seem like I was always the one trying to make us work when he was in job corp but since they sent him home sunday night he been trying to put some kind of input into trying to make us work but i dont want to anymore i been trying for 2yrs but he still hasnt showed anything. & plus i think he only trying to try b/c im back in school & he know that there are going to be alot of boys there trying to get at me so...i dont know.

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Oct. 7, 2008 at 7:23 PM

In all honesty, I think you should focus on your school and your baby.  That is MORE than enough to keep you busy.  Make yourself strong and independent.  To be honest, it is hard at this age to really know what you want in a partner (not your fault... just a hormone thing)  Focus on becoming the best mom you can be, the rest will come later.  I didn't get married until I was 35.  I had other relationships before that, but had I married any of them, I would be divorced.  Be proud, be strong, be smart...  without a man... FIRST.  I know it is hard to be alone, but then you will have your pick, and will make a smarter choice.

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Oct. 8, 2008 at 12:38 AM

Eyy Mamaz! The first think you got to think about is your lil' one. Other people will come and go, but your lil' one will always be there. =D But you have needs to, and I'm not talkin bout sexual ones, I'm talkin bout you want someone to be there for ya. If your other man is just tryin to get with ya cuz you goin to school and doesn't want to see you happy, than drop 'em. I would suggest talkin to that other guy a little bit more and see what's really up with him. Is he cool wit you AND your lil' man? Just my opinion. BUT I am always willin to listen and give advice when wanted...take it as you want it. Message me anytime. Take care && Much Luhhhv!!

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