I took janis to the hospital again 2 days ago she has a condition called bladder reflux, when her bladder fills it goes out the normal way but it also goes into her kidneys this causes frequent episodes of urinary tract infections which are dangerous to babies....janis already got a spinal tap a couple months agobecause the infection had spread to her blood and they wanted to make sure it didnt spread to the spine...well it didnt thank god but if she gets another spinal tap i think ill scream.Well she got another urinary tract infection two days ago she had a temp of 102.6 which was rising we rushed her to the hospital had to witness yet another string of urinalyis and blood culture tests they pumped her with antibiotics again and now shes home and shes fine. I hate what she has because it creeps up on you out of nowhere, one day shes happy the next day shes listless with a high temp its so frustrating if she doesnt grow out of it in four years (bases on statistic the odds are in her favor that she will thank god) she'll need surgery i dont want her to go through surgery at 4 years old but if it will stop this i am willing to mentally go through with it, the poor girl has been through so much in 4 short months i feel so bad for her...if it was up to me i would take this away from her and i would live this for her so she could enjoy being a baby and her worst situation be the common cold, or needing a bottle....not VCUGs,blood tests, urinalysis,high temps and diareaha caused by strong antibiotics. Maybe this is happening for a reason...maybe this is supposed to humble me or make her into a stronger person...i dunno i just feel like im loosing control

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