Janis is doing way better now shes back to her old self again and im feeling strangely optimistic today my work day didnt pan out so well i kept on getting meanies...its ok though i understand they think im a telemarketer trying to sell them sumthing...im just some chick trying to gather peoples used stuff for a good cause you dont want me to call anymore just tell me instead of hanging up on me *ergh* but its all good things with jay got better today i found out that the mystery woman caller was just one of my customers calling me by my husbands name because thats what comes up on the caller ID. I had a feeling he wouldnt be cheating on me hes just too sweet for that. I visited my grandmother in law with janis and jay today that worked out well Naunie was there too thats jays great grandmother shes 90 i have alot of respect for her living so long and seeing so much but yea we talked and laughed and had lunch it was nice...hopefully tommorrow goes just as well and maybe my calls wont go so bad...

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