Any Cafemoms out there could sure help us out, and make a big IMPACT on raising awareness and reaching more young women about the risks of breast cancer.

Breast Impressions, the non profit organization I started in 2007 is currently up for the Myspace Impact Award!  We're among three finalists, and the winner is determined by the number of votes they receive from other members.

I would be so grateful if you would help this happen for our small but mighty organization.  You can view our page at  and you can vote as a member of myspace at   Just go there, click on the second tab that says VOTE and you'll see us listed.

Just being nominated for this pretigious award is amazing to me.  If we were to win we would use those funds to reach out across the country to college campuses, where we could educate so many more young women.  In addition we would be able to travel to more cities who have Roller Derby Leagues of women, and hold more "Bout Against Breast Cancer" events.  There we auction off the team's breast casts that have been decorated by local artists, in support of their own local breast health programs, support groups and clinics.  We pass out breast self exam cards to every woman who attends the Bout, and at half time do an short but to the point awareness education talk.

Thank any and all of you who help support us for this tremendous award.  We want to make an even great impact on the lives of more women!



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