I don't know about you, but this election has me so disgusted and confused that I wish I live in Canada!  How are we to make an informed decision when all we hear are negative comments about the other candidate and vague promises?  I would dearly love to sit down at my table with each candidate, one at a time, and get some questions answered.

The biggest rule would be that unless directly asked to, you are not to bring up the other candidate's name, record or platform.  I don't want to hear "Senator (Obama or McCain) did this, believes that, etc.",  I want to hear what you think, feel or plan to do about an issue.  If I want to know what the other man thinks or does, I'll ask him directly.

Another rule is that you are not to insult our current president in any way.   I'm sick of hearing it.  I have my own opinion of Mr. Bush and his performance and don't really care to hear any more about yours.  You don't like him, I get it.

The first question I would ask is what do you intend to do to help Americans through these tough times?  Don't just say tax cuts or rebates.  Explain exactly what they are and how you intend to implement them.  I could be wrong, but I thought it was congress that had to pass such things, so how is it you are able to promise these things?  Be specific in your answers.  How much, when, how, etc.

What do you think will fix the healthcare situation?  I've heard it mentioned that there will be requirements set for insurance companies, but that costs would be cut.  How can this be?  Most of the insurance companies are businesses trying to make a profit.  If you require them to cover pre-existing conditions for example (which really should be the case), won't they raise prices to cover the costs?  Is it possible for the government to dictate how insurance companies are run?  What are your feelings about universal healthcare and why?

There are many questions I'd ask about the war.  This is one area that I feel the candidates will have a difficult time answering without pointing fingers.  It's easy to say someone else screwed up.  I want to know exactly what you will do and how.

These men will probably never be within a square mile of me, but these are some things I would like answered.  Every election year it's the same bunch of vague promises and no answers.  I, for one, am tired of the partisan nonsense.  People in Washington don't really believe in anything.  They just shoot down anything the other party says.  How about some honesty?

But that's just my opinion.

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