I know it seems a little cliche but I just stop and take a breath ... a little oxygen and a little pause may be all it takes to think clearly. It most certainly cannot hurt and more often than not it helps.

Getting stressed? Take it from a 41 yo, full time(55+ hours a week) working mother of 9 (5 of which still live at home) ... stopping to take a breath can make all the difference ... for instance  when your 12 yo calls you at work, when you have a store full of customers and he says, " Clara(5) and Sam(8) keep fighting over the TV and the girls (18 &16)aren't home yet ... 15 minutes after they should have been here. oh yeah, whats for snack?"   bbbrrreeaaatttthhhhhhhee

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Oct. 14, 2008 at 3:43 PM

Feels so good to just breath deeply when stress, fear or sorrow set in. Thank You

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