I think I may go out of my mind today.  Its Tuesday and you would think it was one of those horrid Mondays.  It all started at 5 this morning.  My baby woke up to eat, nothing wrong with that, but its also about the same time his daddy wakes up.  So I get the baby fed and he's drifting off to sleep for hopefully a couple of hours so I can sleep for another hour and take a shower.  Nope, his daddy thinks its time to play and talk to his baby.  Well there goes my hour of sleep that I really really want.  Baby is awake, dad is now getting ready to go to work and I'm getting up. 

I gotta make sure the older two kids are ready for school and out the door on time.  My 16 year old can pretty much take care of himself, except he hands me 5 weeks of progress reports that need my signature.  why has he not given them to me each week as he is supposed to, he is afraid I'll get mad because he isn't doing well in the class.  Well now I'm really peeved because he's getting a D because he loses points for not turning in the progress reports on time.  How do I get him to understand that's more irritating than finding out the right way that he needs help in his tech class.  Now its too late, end of the nine weeks is this week. 

Whoopee, I start my day without a shower because the baby is awake, instead of asleep because his dad loves him so much.  How can I complain when his daddy loves him so much.  But I miss that sleep and that shower.  And next I have to ground a 16 year old because he has no common sense.

Ok its only 7 in the morning now and I have to brush my 8 year old hair.   Yes she's old enough to do it herself but it is so long she can't quite fix it.  I should take her and get it cut so she could do it all herself and save me time, but its so pretty and so long.  She doesn't want to get it cut, she's happy to have me do it each morning.  Who could blame her, that's a few minutes of my time she gets to have and not share with anyone.  Man, I need that shower.

Ok, its almost 8 and the kids and man are gone.  The baby wants to eat again and I'm not going to get a shower this morning.  Waiting for the little girl I babysit to get here.  Its rainy and cold outside and the dogs don't want to go out there to do their business.  Why is the cat weaving around my ankles and meowing?  Great the litter box needs to be emptied, that's the dads job, he said so. 

9 in the morning.  Yippee, I finally got the dogs outside, the cat puke cleaned up, the toddler fed and changed, the baby fed and clothed.  All I want is a nap.  Whats that, oh the dogs have decided that they aren't afraid of the wet grass anymore and have decided to dig holes.  Have I mentioned that I live in Oklahoma and we have red dirt, oops red mud at the moment.  Well guess I get to clean the dogs before they can come back in.  Great the cat puked again.  Long hair on cats was not the best idea. 

10 the baby want to eat again.  Thank goodness for Dora, the distracts the toddler long enough to feed the baby again and for me to eat too. 

11 time to make lunch and feed the toddler.  Yeah, she likes meatloaf.  Even better the baby is asleep in his swing.  My day is looking up, except I still miss that shower.

11:30 Nap time for the toddler. Why is the baby fussing again, he can't possibly want to eat again, oops he does.

12 the cat meowed and woke the toddler up.  30 minutes is not a good amount of time for a nap for a child who is only 17 months old.  Please go back to sleep.  Cat please be quiet.   Baby please go to sleep.  I need chocolate.  I want chocolate.  I shall have chocolate. 


Maybe tonight I can get a shower!  But I will definitely have chocolate.

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Oct. 14, 2008 at 2:58 PM

This sounds like my Tuesdays, except for I don't babysit. I am just off of work.

I go thru all kinds of things & it seems like nothing has gotten done that needed to be done. LOL

I hope tomorrow is better for you

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Oct. 14, 2008 at 3:35 PM

lol you are to funny. im sorry you had a rough morning but it made me smile to read about it. does that make me a bad person? hope not! talk with ya later.....oh i have the same problem with our dog going outside...he loves to get all dirty before coming in...lol.... whats the deal with that?!

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