Would you like to make some extra money from home, supplement your husbands income or maybe someday replace yours or your husbands income?  Take charge of your future and your circumstances!  Come join a team with NHR Products that works together to help ensure your success!  We work with you, advertise with you to help make sure you get your 2 referrals to qualify you for 10 levels of pay and then help you get 1 more to get you some double payments!  Because for everyone person you enroll after 2 you get extra pay points!  That means you can work to earn 20% 30% or more on every order throughout your entire matrix!!  That equals $2, $3, or more on each bottle of vitamins sold by everyone in your matrix!!!   Now imagine if people ordered more than one bottle, or another of our products...the commissions really add up!

I have finally found the perfect work at home option!  This company makes it easy for everyone to succeed and it pays well to the beginner as well as the expert!  If you have been afraid to try or have failed at a home business before it is because it can be overwhelming, pay plans are designed to make it difficult to get pay or the they pay out measly amounts amounts and they are designed to never pay you big checks!  I have not seen a better pay plan with such a low Value Priced, High Quality product anywhere!  NHR is designed for success with good size pay outs from level one!

NHR has a product that everyone wants and needs and can afford....it features the best complete liquid vitamin/mineral plus acai berry, mangosteen, coq10, msm, amalaki, goji, resveratrol, and more at the wholesale cost of only $19.95!  You can't find a quality vitamin like this anywhere for cheaper! 


bullet Value Priced at ONLY $19.95
bullet 80+ Vitamins & Minerals
bullet Complete Nutrition
bullet Easily Assimilated Liquid
bullet Premium Quality
bullet VERY Pleasant Taste
bullet 60 Day Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee


There is no other liquid product available that contains the same levels of all the Vitamins, Trace Minerals and other Natural Nutrients that EPIC ULTRA provides...PERIOD!

EPIC ULTRA is the product everyone NEEDS, and at ONLY $19.95 per bottle, EPIC ULTRA is also the product everyone can AFFORD!

bullet Potent MULTI-VITAMIN formula containing over 80 Vitamins & Minerals.

bullet Low Calories - Low Carbs - NO Added Sugars.

bullet Fortified with supporting nutrients to specifically benefit your HEART.*

bullet Nutrients to combat the negative effects of STRESS in your life.*

bullet ANTI-AGING benefits of our special anti-oxidant nutrients.*

bullet Very special IMMUNE SYSTEM enhancing nutrients to strengthen your cellular protection.*

bullet Provides unbelievable natural ENERGY enhancement.*

bullet Special nutrients to enhance your MOOD and MEMORY.*

bullet Nutrients to AID DIGESTION and reduce or eliminate the need to take unhealthy anti-acids.*

bullet Additional nutrients to benefit your EYES and VISION.*

bullet Added special BONE and JOINT nutrients to strengthen bones and reduce swelling around joints.*



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Oct. 22, 2008 at 1:47 AM

These vitamins are the best.  I spent $75 a month on supplements and never felt like they did anything.  I felt better using this product after the first day!

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Oct. 28, 2008 at 10:47 PM

I started my vitamins yesturday! I am so excited about the business and to feel better. The vitamins taste GREAT. This product is great for anyone who does not like to take a vitamin pill.!!

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