Ok here is my dilemma. My 12 yr old granddaughter is constantly ragging on her 10 yr old sister about everything from do your homework to why did you do that and everything in between. She starts in the minute her sister gets home from school and don’t stop till bed and restarts from time to get up until she herself leaves for school.

Her mom and I have tried everything from treating her like a 3 yr old and doing time out on the wall to taking things away she wants and likes to do. We are at a loss what to do next because nothing works for long. It will for maybe 2 hours then we are back to square one.

She does not see her dad because he has chosen to not be a part of her life and we do know she is bothered by this and the fact her younger sister and brother see their dad always. BUT she sees their dad and he treats her like she is his always. She goes with him to do things like movies, swimming etc. He is a big part of her life just as he is with his own 2 children and is involved in every aspect of it from sports to education to special achievements.

Anyone with suggestions PLEASE help.

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Oct. 22, 2008 at 2:09 PM

Time out? Maybe when she starts in you could send her to her room until she can get along with everyone...and if she can't she will be spending a lot of time in her room --alone! Also, maybe she would benefit from some one on one time with her MOM??? She may be feeling left out and be needing some special attention? And, it may also help to let her speak with her counselor at school in case there is something bothering her that she doesn't want to talk with you all about? Good Luck....it's a tough age (FOR HER)! And, for you all, I know!

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