Okay, so i found out this morning i'm pegnant again. A good thing, but not planned. I'm going to retake the test in two days to make sure, it was a line but not dark.. Lol. I know it's still a positive.. Just making sure. It sucks my fiance is between jobs and i can't find anything in town either. We live with my family and don't want me to have another kid in their home (they don't know yet btw). AND we have to buy a round trip ticket within the next three weeks to pick my daughter up from NY the beginning of next year. (her dad has visitation in dec. she gets to stay with him a full month.) Things are complicated, but they're complicating even faster now that we have another bundle on the way. My fiance is so excited, he's been bouncy and smiling all day.. Thank goodness. My daughter's father was opposite. He was like "oh no, what are you going to do?' type deal... I'm happy i have a supportive man ^_^ He's got like three possible jobs atleast, please pray for us!!!!

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