So today I was told by the doctor that I either have asthma or emphysema. I have an appt in two weeks about it...and probably going to get information on quitting smoking. The only way I can ever quit smoking is when I'm pregnant, for some reason. Then it's no problem, easy as hell. Doctor tells me I might have emphysema and the first thing I do when I left the office was light up a smoke.

she prescribed me an inhaler for now, but my insurance won't pay for it. of course. So the pharmacy has been trying to get a hold of the doctor to try to get her to prescribe a different inhaler, but last I heard, there was no luck on that. Nice.

She was also annoyed with me for taking benedryl with valium and temazapam. I tried to explain to her that benedryl doesn't even make me sleepy,and neither does valium or temazepam anymore either for that matter (though I didn't mention that part). so she prescribed me a nose pump thingy for allergies. Which the pharmacist made it sound like it was some sort of godly medicine and I am telling you--IT'S NOT. it helps a little, but not much.

I love this show (It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia). It's fucking GENIUS. If you don't watch it, DO. Go rent it. Start watching it. WATCH IT.

I got my first huge order from a livejournal reader (thank you, you know who you are!!) so today I went to the showroom to pick up the order and a few more things for the show on Saturday. I've got so much going on for that show! It's going to be 8 hours long, and I hope people buy, buy, BUY. I'm afraid no one will buy, and just show up for the free food.

So yeah. My first big order, she bought for xmas presents. It's a great time to shop for jewelry for xmas if you like to plan ahead! Or tell your boyfriend/hubby what you want him to buy from me. :p That always works, too!!! LOL

I also have my first catalog party going on, not sure how that's going, I'll have to check in with that. That's a long distance party for friends/hostesses who live far away but still want to earn free jewelry. I send them a catalog and order forms, and they collect orders from friends and family. Then they send the orders to me, and if the orders come to 200 dollars or more (very easy to do) then the "hostess" earns free jewelry and a certain amount of half off jewelry. As the orders increase, the amount of free jewelry increase! Just for holding the catalog party, you get your highest priced jewelry choice for half off as well. It's really not as hard as it sounds, especially if you have friends and family that love jewelry. Something to keep in mind, especially around the holidays!

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