These are sooo easy and AWESOME!

1 loaf Frozen bread dough

cinnamon & sugar as much as you want

apples or nuts, or anything you like in your cinnamon rolls


Brown sugar

Thaw the dough roll it out a bit, mine doesnt streach out much but it works just the same. Then spread on some Butter & cinnamon & sugar and what ever you want in them, ive used pecans, and apples and they were sooo good.

roll them up. cut into 12 pieces or less if you want bigger ones.Make sure to spray the pan you are useing with some non stick spray... Lay the roles in there cut side down and sprinkle as much brown sugar as you like over them and inbetween them... Bake at 350*  I let mine sit over nite to rise. and i put mine in a cake pan.

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