its just over one week left before we have to leave this house. tomorrow my bro is coming to inspect the house, i guess to see what theyll have to clean up after us and what other things need to be fixed in the house, etc. tomorrow night is our "big" last bbq/halloween party. i dont know why its so difficult for ppl to rsvp. even without the rsvp's i know we still have about 30 ppl comin. and we have so much damn food/drinks. i just really hope it goes well. did i mention im sick? really sucks. nice little cold, just bad enough to hold me back from doing all of the cleaning/packing that needs to be done by tomorrow evening. i have to start making some of the snacks tonight too, and some decorating. luckily, a couple ppl are coming over early to help. i just dont know how long my bro will be here and stuff. we ran out of boxes and my bf is like "wth why do we need more boxes?" uh because theres more stuff to pack. its a 5bed/3ba house thats been lived in for 20yrs, plus a storage barn (that i probably wont even get to); thats a hell of a lot of stuff to pack/clean up/go through/throw out. oh, and just now finally called to get a roll away dumpster and they only deliver on thrus/fri, so i have to wait until a few days before we leave to throw out more stuff. and bf forgot to take out the regular trash yesterday that is now full. i did mention im sick, right... BLAH... and dd has got the same lil cold, and bf is barely getting over it too. and the house is absolutely filthy from all the moving of stuff. gah i need boxes. theres so much still to do tonight. and im siccckkkk.. and bf doesnt like to help too much, though he has helped when i really ask him. ugh. i think im gonna go lay down with dd n see if she'll finally take her nap. i want to take one too but theres so much to dooooooooo!! aaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!

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