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Saturday I was going about business as usual, doing the laundry, cleaning house normal Saturday stuff.  I had sorted laundry and thought I checked all the pockets. Some how my son's hearing aid ended up in the laundry and got washed.  I pulled some stuff out of the washer and wondered why it was tangled up.  As I untangled it I discovered Robert's hearing aid tether wrapped around some clothes with his hearing aid still attached. Bad, Bad, Bad.  Now it doesn't work.  I have to send it in to Children's Mercy hearing and speech so they can send it out for repair. I'm glad that it can be repaired.  What fun. Now Robert will be without a hearing aid for two to three weeks, not good for his speech therapy.  It is so much easier to understand what he is saying when he is wearing it. 

I felt bad last night when he showed me a picture and was telling me what he drew.  It looked to me like a coconut, so that was stuck in my head.  He was telling me bowling ball - he repeated it about a dozen times before I finally understood what he was saying. 

I felt bad and mad at myself for washing his hearing aid.  When we get it back we will have a New routine for taking it out of his ear.  I will be super anal about getting it straight to the case as soon as it comes out of his ear.  I will not take a chance with putting it in a pocket or laying it down somewhere to get lost.  I can't afford to replace it.  His cost $1300 brand new.

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Oct. 27, 2008 at 12:24 PM

I think that from now on when I do laundry, I will first check to make sure the hearing aid is; 1. in the case,  2. in his ear.  or  3. in the dry aid kit.  Those are the only three places his hearing aid should be.  That way it can't get washed!

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Oct. 27, 2008 at 12:32 PM

Oh hun , Accidents happen , dont blame yourself. When you have kids enevitably something is going to worm its way into your laundry. I am very glad it can be fixed, but please dont make yourself feel bad about it. Look at it this way , no kids or pets found their way into your washing machine! (I once almost washed a cat!)

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