Right so where do I begin.. Well greg was going to get deployed, he was at he pre-mob station. well one night they were doing what they call night fire. they go to the firing range at night and have absolutely no lights on. smart right. well when they were walking greg stepped in a hole. It took his unit 2 weeks before a REAL doctor was called in to see greg. Come to find out greg has a unique arch structure and he irritated it as the doc sad so he was put in a cast and sent home on medical leave. well he had until oct 13th when the unit he was going with went to Fort McCoy. The platoon sergant or whatever they call him was suppose to submit some paper work called MCAPS on the 1st of oct so greg could get his military pay while on medical leave bc he can't go back to his civilian job. Well the fuck that this guy is never submitted the paper work so tomorrow when the rest of the military world gets paid. greg won't which fucks us bc we need that money to pay our bills and buy food bc i just started working at subway again and I get paid on nov 5th but since I just started I'm only getting like $200 so I can't put gas in my vehicles, make the damn car payments, pay any bills, and get groceries. so we're fucked. Thank You Asshole that fucked us.

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