How can some people be so unamerican?  I do not get it.  If they don't get their candidate of choice then they will not stand with America!!!  What the hell?  I realize that seceding is not a new idea but it is one that would rip this country a part.  So are we being held hostage or what?  Are they saying if we don't vote their candidate in they are going to do their darnedest to separate from America?  Instead of doing what they can to help America better they want to tear her a part. 

I know I said I had to work on my wanting people to come together but in this case it would be a literal tearing a part of a great nation. I am just so heart sick about it.  Most of us are willing to get in there and help out as much as we can even if our candidate doesn't win.  I guess I am a little naive.

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