im here at the house trying not to freak out because it is SO hard trying to pick out the stuff that means the most to you from the whole of your last 23yrs of life. i am an overly sentimental person and this is just driving me CRAZY! not enough time, not enough space, not enough help, not enough money, not enough BOXES lolwtfomgRar. i feel like im having to throw away the majority of my life beacuse my greedy inconsidblah blah blahblahblahhhhhhhhhh!!!!!*(&#$&*^@#^%*#$(*&@#&*%#*(&@$&^#$^@#$&*()!!!!!! i knowwww theyre just thinnnngs blahBLAHblah. its just really hard to let go when you dont get time to cope, to say goodbye. its just..... so much more..... than that.

ps: i still need either a new home or petsitters for my 2 dogs/1 cat.

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