It's another one of those stories where the owners lose the house and are forced to say goodbye to their animal family members.

If you read my other journals, you'll see what our housing situation is/isn't.

I haven't been able to find any friends to take them temporarily or until I'm ready to officially say bye to them.

My mom rescued them and they've been our family for 10-15+yrs and now I can't be there for them any more and not by choice.

I could EASILY place blame for this, but that's unproductive and makes no difference at this point.

I finally made time to research kennels and, without a job, it's just not a feasible option, especially for THREE pets (2dogs/1cat).

It is absolutely BREAKING, CRUSHING my heart to think that in TWO DAYS I will have to put them in a shelter and hope that a PROPER pet owner gets them, and they'll be seperated!! UGH!

This is far more devastating than losing the only house I've ever lived in that's never been occupied by anyone other than my parents and I which my parents paid for and BUILT.

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